The Paints Trees & Leaves & Paints Trees & Beyond paintings are listed under the SHOP tab.

This summer I will be participating in:

Stratford Art-in-the-Park in Stratford ON

Off the Wall Art Show  at the Quai du Vin Winery near St. Thomas ON in July

Square Foot Show at The Westland Gallery in London ON

The Nurturing Tree personalized paintings  – starting Feb 2018

Gift yourself, or a loved-one, with a custom-designed piece of art.

These are colourfully energized pieces that are each unique, but carry the signature style of my tree paintings.

As an intuitive lightplayer with a proclivity to do something that is of a “healing” nature, I layer flowing, vibrant colours and symbolic images to create custom designed pieces of art which hold energies that can potentially uplift, shift and/or awaken viewers over time. These layered paintings are designed with each person in mind – the “heart” mind.  They are intuitively created from a place of joy and compassion.

Size: 18″ X 18″ X 3/4″ (traditional depth).  $111 CAD + shipping.

Click on the ART tab  to order The Nurturing Tree painting.

They can be shipped to Canada or the US.  Please be careful how you order it: there are three items depending on where you want it shipped or if you are going to pick it up.

The Nurturing Tree Painting is a Unique Gift Idea

Looking for a thoughtful, unique gift for a family member or friend?

The Nurturing Tree Painting would make a wonderful gift. Each one is unique, vibrantly colourful and created with joy and compassion. Please give me the first name of the person it is intended for if it is not being mailed directly to them.

Payment Options – Jan 2018

You are welcome to set up a payment plan, if a lump sum is not feasible for you.  I would like to think if any of my works resonate with you that we can make it affordable for you in some way.  Contact me to discuss the options.

Paula White Diamond Gallery in Nov/Dec in Waterloo, ON –  2017

I have a few pieces in the Square Foot & Big Ideas show. November 2nd – December 15th