Into the Forest’s Garden  –  36 X 36  – Available at For the Love of Art  – London, ON – Hip to be Square Show June 13 – 21st 2019.

Welcome to my site of colourful, whimsical art.

Reconnect with the playful, joyful energies of your childhood – those moments of being in the present, not worrying about the future nor the past – and allow your unique creative genius to flow.

Bring a sense of wonder, imagination and boundlessness more deeply into your life to experience more joy and lightness of being.

Connect with nature and the cosmos.


Available in a variety of sizes:

6″ x 6″ acrylic paintings on wood panels – desktop dot.calm series

18″ x 18″ paintings on canvas with narrow depth

30″- 40″ square paintings on deep profile canvases


You can find me and my art at one of these galleries/shops/art-in-the-parks

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 You are also welcome to set an appointment time to come see my work at my home studio in Chatham ON.


Meet Debbie


Commissioned Paintings Available

If you have a size preference, as well as colour preferences, I can create a painting for you in my unique colourful, whimsical style. CONTACT me.


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