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I believe it is helpful to surround yourself in nurturing, uplifting energies.
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 Why Paint Flowers?

Presented by Mother Earth, flowers are beautiful, precious yet strong, colourful and naturally elicit feelings of joy.   They are symbols of growth and awakening – as we “awaken” to our true selves, we blossom like flowers. The basic shape of most flowers is a circle, a universal symbol of wholeness, eternity, movement (a wheel), the sacred and divine. Walking – or playing – in a field or forest with wildflowers is heaven on earth…

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”  Claude Monet

**NEW** Wildflower Colour Bath Series

It is my intention to create whimsical, contemplative pieces that nurture within the viewers feelings of joy and playfulness,  stimulate the imagination, a sense of curiosity and a connection to nature.  I love nature, rolling landscapes, flowers, walking in forests and listening to the songs of the birds, hence the subject matter.

                 “Imagination is more important than knowledge”  Einstein

This summer I will be participating in:

Stratford Art-in-the-Park in Stratford ON.  This juried AITP runs June – Sept every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, 10 – 5.  I set up there 1-2 days/week.

Off the Wall Art Show  at the Quai du Vin Winery near St. Thomas ON  July 15th.

Art in the Park in Listowel, ON Saturday, August 25th 11-7

Commissioned Paintings Available

If you have a size preference, as well as colour preferences, I can create a painting for you in my unique colourful, whimsical style.  In the above sliding images, you can see one that was recently completed.

Payment Plans

You are welcome to set up a payment plan, if a lump sum is not feasible for you.  I would like to think if any of my works resonate with you that we can make it affordable for you in some way.  Contact me to discuss the options.

Shipping outside of North America

If you live outside of North America, email me for shipping costs please.