Photo taken at Sati Hall | Meditation & Mindfulness Centre | Chatham ON

Hello! I’m Debbie Cecilia Packer.  I am an artist, philosopher and mom of 3 awesome sons.

  I was born in Pointe Claire, Quebec and grew up in 8 countries including Mexico, Pakistan, Turkey, Peru and Switzerland.  I have since resided in Ontario after attending universities where I studied both philosophy and nutrition.

For 25+ years I have had the joy of raising, learning from and growing with three awesome sons and a husband.  I worked as a dietitian, supervisor and coordinator in healthcare for a number of years.

When funding was cut for my Coordinator role at the local hospital, I took the opportunity to address some areas of discomfort and discontent that lingered deep within.  With the help of a wonderful Jungian Analyst, many beautiful teachings that crossed my path, and the intuitive painting practice I learned from American Artist, Flora Bowley, I started finding more joy and purpose through painting.  The playfulness of this type of practice reminds me to be more in the moment and to reconnect with that sense of wonder and imagination we have as children.  My art is infused with images of nature and colourful frequencies that I believe impact our well-being – eliciting a sense of calmness, upliftment and/or joy.

I love immersing myself in teachings – ancient and current – that awaken me to a much deeper understanding of life.  I now appreciate life much more – its mystery, its flow, and its timing. I enjoy walking in nature, meditation and quiet contemplation.

And I love spending time with family, close friends and our dog.

May you be happy, healthy and prosperous.

Nature Art